1. Day In Day Out


Verse I

Day in, day out, the same old haunted dream. Day in, day out, the same old dull routine. Since you left, I lost all my direction. All I do is stare at these four walls. I’ve had women but it seems there’s no connection. They didn’t impress me at all.

Verse II

Day in, day out, a life of misery, that’s what I see. Day in, day out, that’s a solid guarantee. You may be happy and I guess that’s all that matters. Unconcerned with what happens from now on. I gave you my heart, on a great big silver platter. Turned around you were gone.

Verse III

Day in, day out, I sit by a silent phone. Day in, day out, feeling lost and all alone. I know, I should pull myself together. Forget about you baby once and for all. It seems the only time I get to feeling better. Is when I think you may call.

Verse IV

Day in, day out, I sit here patiently. Day in day out, that’s how it’s got to be. My heart is full of contradictions, first I love you then I hate you baby, what can I do. Can’t help the fact that your love is my addiction, I guess I’ll always be here for you. Day In, Day Out

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From The Album ( Frankie m. & Harborside)

Words & Music By: Frank Conrad Musumici